Sweet, Sweet…

The bell rang for lunch break, and we were excused from class. I zipped up my bag and made sure the padlock clicked into place, swung it over my shoulder and quickly walked out of the classroom.

Eyes on the ground ahead, and two steps out the door—I had to clench my teeth just to try to stop myself from shaking. Even with a jumper and blazer on, it was freezing cold.

I should’ve worn something extra underneath.

I had a glance at the sky while going down the steps and it didn’t look like the clouds would be clearing any time soon. My eyes were back on the ground, and I continued walking.


The mist hung in the air in front of me and I brought my scarf up, covering the bottom half of my face. I rubbed into the wool, trying to get as warm as possible as I made my way towards the canteen area.

Buy lunch, library.


Once I was in the canteen area, I looked up. There weren’t many people yet, and I quickly got in line.

What should I get?

I looked up and scanned the menu.


“That will be four-fifty, love.”

I sifted through my coin pouch quickly, picking up several coins, and checked that I had the right amount before handing it over to the canteen lady.

“Thaaank you, and here’s your chicken schnitzel sandwich. Have a nice day sweetie.”

The cafeteria lady pushed the brown paper bag across the table; the top was folded neatly, and I picked it up.

“Thank you.”

She smiled politely and looked past my shoulders, and I moved off.

“Next waiting!”

There were three girls hanging around the cafeteria exit, and I stopped for a second.

Just great.

At that moment, I felt drained. I thought I could get through today without having to deal with them.

I just want to get to the library.

I let out a sigh and walked towards the gate, ignoring them, and hoped that they would let me go without a hassle.

“Look, it’s Anne!”

Once Nancy noticed me, the other two looked this way as well.


“Hey, Anne! What’d you get?”

I kept silent and looked straight ahead.

None of your business.

Nancy and Teresa blocked my way while Jane remained leaning against the gate. She was looking over at me, expecting a response to her question.

Answering their questions wouldn’t help, and reasoning doesn’t work with these idiots either. I gripped both my bag strap and brown paper bag tightly; they’d probably try to take it if I didn’t.

“Earth to Anne! Earth to Anne! This is Nancy speaking!”

The three burst out into laughter.

Wow, that was so funny I forgot to laugh. Hurry up and move.

I tried to go around them, but as soon as I did, Nancy wrapped her arms around me from behind.

“Wait wait, Anne, wait!”

“Bad girl! Anne, bad girl!”

I hope these two get hit by a car or something!

I tried to wriggle my way out, but it was no use.

“Calm down girl! Calm, down!”

Let go, you bitch!

I finally pushed her away as hard as I could and glared at the three.

“Chillax Anne! It was only a joke!” said Teresa.

The three laughed hysterically, and I just wished there was some way to get back at them.

Go, to, fucking, hell!

I didn’t let out a sound; if I did, they’d just enjoy it. The three giggled while looking at me, and Nancy came forward with an open cup of jelly in her left hand, and a spoon in her right.

“Look, Anne, I’m sorry. You know what? Here, have some jelly.”

If you’re so sorry, hurry up and die why don’t you!

“Here you go!”

Nancy took a spoonful of jelly and shoved it into my face. As soon as it touched me, I slapped her hand to the side. The jelly fell to the ground and her spoon along with it.

Nancy gasped.

“What are you doing you fucking bitch? Why are you wasting food? You shouldn’t waste food!”

“Yeah! You tell her Nance!”

“Tell Mrs Parker later!” said Jane with a trembling voice.

So fucking annoying!

Then, using that as an excuse, she shoved me back once, twice.

“Say sorry! Why’dyou do that?”

Why do I have to deal with this shit every single fucking…!

A third push and I fell back, and then she dumped the remainder on me before dropping the cup as well.

“Go on, pick it up! Don’t be a tosser!”

I looked down, and my jumper and blazer were a mess. Rather than angry, I was tired. I got up, brushed the bigger pieces of jelly off my blazer and turned to leave.

After a few steps, I flinched as something light hit the back of my head. It was probably the cup, and I could hear their laughter as I walked up the steps.


I sat down on the bench just outside the library, dropped my bag on the ground and dragged it back behind my legs. My hand was sticky from the jelly and there were still bits of it stuck between my jumper and blazer, but I couldn’t be bothered washing it off. I just wanted to finish my lunch and rest.

Might be easier to jump off a cliff or something…

I unwrapped the paper bag and brought the sandwich to the top, holding it firmly with both hands. It was still warm and smelled nice. I could feel the saliva welling up in my mouth as I looked down at it. I didn’t usually buy my lunch from the cafeteria, so something like this was nice every once-in-a-while.

My stomach rumbled, and I took my first bite. I wasn’t paying a lot of attention to the taste of it; ‘nice’ was good enough. Instead, I just stared off into space; I wasn’t really thinking of anything and didn’t have the energy to either.


What was fifth period again?


The bell rang, I woke up and made my way towards A block for class.

When I arrived in class, I took a seat at the table closest to the door. A few students were already seated, but Teresa and Jane hadn’t arrived yet.

A minute or so later, I could hear Teresa and Jane outside and Mrs Brown was glaring at the doorway, waiting for them to come in.

Once they arrived at the door, their laughing came to a halt.

“Well hurry up, the class is waiting for you two.”

They quietly moved to the back of the class and took their seats.

“Alright then. For today’s class –”

Suddenly, the PA sounded.

“Teachers and students, sorry for the interruption, but can Jane Baker please make her way to the office immediately. That is, Jane Baker, Year 11, please make your way to the office immediately.”

The entire class had become noisy, with Jane being the centre of attention.

Yay, let’s hope she’s in trouble.

I doubted it though.

“Alright everyone, settle down. Jane, you are excused.”

Jane got up and quickly left the class.


Ten minutes later, there was the sound of people walking up the stairs, sniffling and the office lady’s voice outside. It was probably Jane.

Is she crying?

Again, the class had gotten a little bit noisy and Mrs Brown’s attention had turned to the door. A moment later, the office lady was calling Mrs Brown over.

“Alright everyone, just have a read through the next page. I’ll be right back.”

Teresa got up as well and headed towards the door.

What a stupidly beautiful friendship.

“Back to your seat Teresa.”


“To, your, seat.”

Teresa hesitated but returned to her table without a word, and I scoffed under my breath.

Didn’t see that coming.

Once Mrs Brown was out the door, the entire class had gotten noisy again. Then Mrs Brown and the office lady’s conversation started, and most of the class went silent just to try and pick up what happened. I’m not sure about everyone else, but I could barely just hear what they were saying.

Jane’s mother had apparently gotten into a car accident this morning and died while in hospital.

To be honest, I didn’t really care. I’m sure most people would be feeling sorry for her after hearing the news, but after the all the shit I’ve had to deal with up until now, like hell I’d feel sorry for her. I could still hear her sniffling outside, and it was getting annoying.

Shut up already.

Jane suddenly burst into a crying fit. Seeing that, something rose up inside my chest and the feeling of goosebumps ran down my entire body. It made me feel a little relaxed, and I let out a short and satisfied breath.

Mrs Brown came in to retrieve Jane’s belongings, and for a second I had a glimpse of her. Her mascara was all over the place, she was continuously wiping her eyes, and that face! She was a mess, and the sight of it was so…!

Again, the same tension in my chest, the same feeling of goosebumps riding down my back. I could feel myself begin to grin and quietly lowered my head to the table. I hid the bottom half of my face with my arms and watched as the office lady comforted Jane while she slowly made her way down the stairs.

My grin turned into a sort of quiet laughter. I sat there, at my desk, trembling. I didn’t care if her mother had just died, and I didn’t care if I’d be considered a horrible person for this. As long as Jane was suffering, that’s all I cared about.


You deserve it, bitch.

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