All fiction is without a doubt based on reality; the normal, the mundane, and people quickly become indifferent to it…or do they? What if the issue is not reality, but how people view it? Indeed, people fail to notice that reality is quite interesting if you know where to look, and what to look for. A law enforcement officer rushing to the scene of a hostage situation to save someone’s life, a soldier refusing to abandon his comrade in the middle of enemy territory, a child doing their best to chase after a dream. The stories are real, beautiful, and the possibilities are endless. Below are two pieces I’ve written in reverse-chronological order. Enjoy.

Sweet, Sweet… – 2017 2nd Semester (ENGL 233 Workshopped Draft) – Slice-of-life; Psychological

Out of the Frying Pan and Onto the Hot Seat –  2017 1st Semester (ENGL 121 Workshopped Draft) – Slice-of-life; Comedy

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