Boots on the ground ladies and gentlemen! You will not reminisce about the times you’ve spent with your loved ones, you will not get married when you return home, and no the battle won’t be over by Christmas. Here you’ll be able to find and read through my three military-themed short stories in reverse-chronological order of course. From action on the battlefield to the mind of the individual soldier, these pieces attempt to tell stories regarding various aspects of war and conflict.

Do You Copy, Over? – 2018 2nd Semester (ENGL 390 Final Assignment) – Military; Action; Psychological — Currently Published in The Quarry.

Fire at Will – 2018 1st Semester (ENGL 307 Final Assignment) – Military; Psychological

Behind Enemy Lines – 2017 1st Semester (ENGL 121 Workshopped Draft) – Military

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