Short Stories

Welcome to my short stories page. Here, you’ll be able to look through and read all of the short stories I’ve written since I started my creative writing units at Macquarie University. There are several different genres and they are all of different quality, but they each track how I’ve grown as a writer up until this point in time. I hope you enjoy reading my works. I’ve listed them below in reverse-chronological order.

Do You Copy, Over? – 2018 2nd Semester (ENGL 390 Final Assignment) – Military; Psychological — Currently Published in The Quarry.

Fire at Will – 2018 1st Semester (ENGL 307 Final Assignment) – Military; Psychological

Scratch, Rub, Mary – 2017 2nd Semester (ENGL 233 Final Assignment) – Supernatural; Psychological

Sweet, Sweet… – 2017 2nd Semester (ENGL 233 Workshopped Draft) – Slice-of-life; Psychological

Ashes to Ashes – 2017 1st Semester (ENGL 121 Final Assignment) – Supernatural

Behind Enemy Lines – 2017 1st Semester (ENGL 121 Workshopped Draft) – Military

Out of the Frying Pan and Onto the Hot Seat –  2017 1st Semester (ENGL 121 Workshopped Draft) – Slice-of-life; Comedy

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