Daily Update -3: Ambient Occlusion

So...it's been a while 😛 Schedule I'll be working on Th, Fri, Sa this week and for the next two weeks as well and during that time, practising my illustrations will be limited, and so will my sleep (3.5 hours of sleep a day is...it's rough). Blogging during these days will also probably be difficult… Continue reading Daily Update -3: Ambient Occlusion

Daily Update: Illustration Schedule and Speed

So, since it's gonna be a little hectic for me from now on with my part-time job and my move to America, my upload schedule is probably going to be weird thanks to lack of sleep from cramming as much time into drawing as possible. Yay 😀 Illustration Schedule As mentioned above, I won't really… Continue reading Daily Update: Illustration Schedule and Speed

Daily Update: Change of 3D Asset Plans

So, this can be interpreted as good news I guess? 3D Asset Accumulation: Complete I'm done! Is what I'd like to say, but Turbosquid is acting up, and CGTrader has a limit on how many 3D assets you can download before forcing you to share/heavily interact with their website so I'm at a bit of… Continue reading Daily Update: Change of 3D Asset Plans

Daily Update -2: 3D Assets and My Schedule

So, it's been two days! How have you guys been? 3D Asset Accumulation I'm almost done with downloading 3D assets, with one site left to go. I'll be using Free3D, Turbosquid, and CGTrader as my sources and will be downloading assets on an as necessary basis after this. Turbosquid is almost done, although the site… Continue reading Daily Update -2: 3D Assets and My Schedule

Daily Update -1: 3D Asset Scheduling + Illustrations

So, my apologies for not posting yesterday as I had work and was tired as hell and also did nothing but download more 3D assets pretty much, however... 3D Asset Rescheduling I'm thinking about only downloading assets, but then again I'm almost halfway there (I swear, the sheer amount of assets I can potentially use… Continue reading Daily Update -1: 3D Asset Scheduling + Illustrations

Daily Update -1: CSP Extras

So...about yesterday...work. Ongoing 3D Asset Accumulation After I'd gotten home, I just went back to downloading more 3D assets. No, I'm not done yet, and after one website, I have to look around in the next one. It's coming along nicely though. Clip Studio Paint's Goodies (Functions) I've been aware of most of these functions… Continue reading Daily Update -1: CSP Extras

Daily Update: End of the Challenge

So...I'm done I guess? Difficulty To sum up the difficulty: Body > Head/Clothes. The Eyes I did have a few issues with the eyes. For one, the eyes were too far apart and this issue was one of the things I'd corrected yesterday. The next thing is the detail. Even small details can screw with… Continue reading Daily Update: End of the Challenge

Daily Update: Halfway there

So! I'm pretty much done with the body part of the illustration (I did fix up some things after exporting it so yeah...) The Head I swear, this was harder than anything else so far... The Eyes Drawing the eyes is difficult and shall always be difficult for me...but there's nothing that can't be fixed… Continue reading Daily Update: Halfway there