Values, Philosophy, Morals, and Politics

This is gonna be a doozy.

I support the First Ammendment – Freedom of speech, expression and the press. Remember, it is there to protect your right to say what others may potentially dislike, and others’ rights to say what you may potentially dislike without having to fear retribution (from the government, but it should apply to everyday life as well). Yes, I know hate speech is in bad taste. I hate hate speech as much as the next person, but that’s all it is, in bad taste and social sanctions tend to do the trick. Do not underestimate what social isolation can do to a human being.

To quote Evlyn Beatrice Hall’s summary of Voltaire’s character:

“I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it”

There are also two advantages to allowing hate speech. Firstly, you can root it out in order to confront it and thus eliminate it. Secondly, if saying/doing the ‘right thing’ were to ever be considered hate speech/hateful, your right (or whoever is speaking/doing) to say/do it would be guaranteed.

Finally, to just clarify things, freedom of speech does not cover calls to action, such as threats to others, inciting action, or causing terror (such as yelling bomb on a plane), and it shouldn’t.

I support the Second Ammendment – Although I would like to see psychological tests carried out before people are able to purchase a gun or whenever possible after they’ve obtained one. I don’t want mentally ill people carrying firearms.

I support LEO’s – The majority of law enforcement are good people. I’m not stupid enough to condemn the majority due to the actions of a few individuals. They are civilians, so treat them as you would anyone else. Hell, they are there to serve and protect, so give them more respect if you can.

I support the military – Yes, sometimes the military’s motives are questionable, but the soldiers serving in the armed forces; air, sea, and land, are ordinary working people just like you and me, albeit with a heavier burden on their shoulders. Afford them the same respect as you would give to any other human being, if not more.

I support critical thinking – Emotional reasoning is never valid unless it has logic behind it. Emotions should only ever serve as an impetus, not as the trigger, for actions. Empirical data, research, analysis, and discussion are key for human progress.

I support First-Aid training – There is really no reason not to train in first-aid, as you may end up saving someone’s life one day. The only ‘valid’ arguments I’ve heard against it are the cost of a course as well as the low chance of saving someone. Cost is understandable, but there are quite a few youtube videos which show you what to do, as well as websites such as the Australian Resuscitation Council. As for the second point, it really only applies to CPR in the event that you don’t have an Automated External Defibrillator (AED). Your chances of saving someone in that situation is roughly 10%, and that percentage drops every minute that you delay CPR. However, if you do nothing, their chances of survival are as good as zero. So, what are your chances if you have an AED? Roughly 80% depending on how fast you’ve managed to react to the situation. In other words, your chances are pretty damn good.

I will keep any other political views I have to myself due to either being on the fence about an issue, not knowing enough to comment, or just because I feel like it. Enjoy the rest of your day ladies and gentelemen.

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