Let’s see…

Music: I like rock, alternative rock, j-rock and j-pop (including Vocaloid song covers and anime song covers). I also like to listen to BGM/OST-type music when I’m writing.

Youtube/NicoNico: I watch all sorts of videos for both educational and entertainment purposes. Topics include politics, history, military-related content, law enforcement-related content, science, psychology, music, AMV/MAD/GMV and gaming.

Drawing: To be honest, I do like drawing but it takes a tonne of time and I always end up spending most of my time writing/studying. Then I forget how to draw properly…fuuudge! My tools of choice are Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, and Photoshop and I do use a tablet but I draft on paper and scan it.

Reading: I like reading, but I don’t read novels all that often. I have a tonne of light novels I haven’t started on yet (thank you university for eating up my time, but I appreciate being able to learn other things) and I won’t be able to start reading them until uni is over. My most recently read novels are Alexandor Baron’s From the City, From The Plough and Enrich Maria Remarch’s All Quiet on the Western Front.

Writing: I’m an aspiring novelist, and I do enjoy writing. As for my motive(s), it’s a little personal. I however do understand that attempting to become a novelist is a big gamble and that most writers can’t make a living off of it, having to work a day job to make ends meet. I am willing to accept that risk if it means being able to write and share stories and ideas that I hold dear. I plan to write genre fiction novels and discuss/address various topics and issues regarding reality within each story, and will do my best to ensure quality and punctuality on each work. I also like researching for my writing, but I swear the amount of time you need for a decent piece isn’t something to laugh at. By the way, I write using the Light Novel format (dialogue heavy, mainly short paragraphs), so enjoy reading if you’re into light novels.

Gaming: I don’t really have time anymore for console/PC games but I do play social games (ソシャゲ―) on my HTC Android smart phone. I think the model is a One X9 and I currently play Azure Lane (Japanese) and Girls’ Frontline (English). I want to try the Q&A feature on this site so go ahead and just ask me if you’d like to become friends on Azure Lane (My friends list on Girls’ Frontline is full.)

Japanese: There aren’t many things that can make my day brighter, but interacting in Japanese, whether via speech or IM, is one of those things. It brings a smile to my face every single time. I’d love to chat in Japanese, so if you’re up for a conversation just contact me (via Q&A for now).

Anime: I used to watch anime from every season starting from 2012 (I think) up until this year’s (2018’s) winter season where the anime line-up was sort of mediocre. Well that and I was really busy with my final semester of university and after watching A Silent Voice (聲の形) a few times, I’ve kind of come to expect more from a story. Tropes are funny and enjoyable, but an anime made of nothing but tropes and eye candy is, to put it lightly, not my cup of tea. And time. I need more time.

Discussion/Debate: I love discussion and debate about topics such as politics, philosophy, and psychology, and the growth (and some minor setbacks) born from such interactions is really enjoyable and a beautiful thing. I encourage everyone to go out there to experience the world and interact with others (in a civil manner) for the sake of knowledge and growth. For progress’s sake, I am a strong proponent of the First Ammendment as well as critical thinking.