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“Hit me.” This has been his opening line since his very first workshop. An aspiring fiction novelist, he is willing to run the gauntlet for the sake of knowledge and growth. American-born and raised in Australia, the young man is a critical thinker who focuses on and strives for psychological realism due to his profound love of psychology, truth, and people, and loves to think and study about everything from history to philosophy to politics. If you have any interest in his stories or his below-average art, his DeviantArt is Romeo-Delta and his Pixiv isアッキオ.

…Author bios are usually written in the third-person and I sort of dislike writing them…showing off feels bad, man.

What’s up with the icon? Socrates’s quote on being a social gadfly + Horn (Devil’s Advocate).

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Relationship with Japan

Values, Philosophy, Morals, and Politics