Creative Writing – Software and Typology # Creativewriting

So, how’s everything going?


Creative Writing Videos

I’m finally starting on my first creative writing video…which is probably the first thing I should’ve done when starting my Youtube channel but meh. Guess, check, and improve.

This series will cover everything I’d learned while doing my creative writing course at University and I hope it’ll help other aspiring writers.


Digital Art – Character Design

As always, I’m still working on Rachel and have fixed up the eyes and lips a little as well as the skin colour. There was way too much red in the shadows before.

Rachel Edit 01-23-2020

I’m FINALLY satisfied (I’ve most likely jinxed it) with the eye style and skin colouring method and will move on to drawing more characters in different poses and improving the quality of everything overall. I also plan on testing out another method of outlining the character and setting the foundation to get better and more appropriate masks and body shape from the get-go instead of modifying everything afterwards.


Digital Art – Backgrounds

I’ll also be getting into backgrounds…but there’s a caveat. I’ll be using photos for the most part, modifying them on Photoshop, exporting to CSP and using whatever 3D objects I might want to add there.

Background Filter Testing

A cityscape photo I found on google images. I’m just using it as a test-run with the paint daub filter.

Brush size: 3

Sharpness: 5

Why not do backgrounds in CSP? Well, I would…if the plug-ins and artistic filter weren’t limited to the JP ver. only for now. So, since I had PS CS6, I decided to download a bunch of plug-ins for it and just use that instead. It has more filters, so I have zero issues.


Anywho, that’s all I have for today. Thanks for reading/watching and I’ll see you next time. Have a great day!

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