Major Update: Things are about to get interesting.

Surprise! No, the site isn’t dead. Was it inactive? Yes. Dead? No. IT BREATHES!

So, I’m now living in the U.S. of A! (East Coast)

Long-time no see but let me explain myself plz: it was hectic. The logistics of moving over the Pacific and then returning to some form of normalcy was extremely difficult but I somehow managed to do so.

The weather here is pretty severe…as to be expected of the northern hemisphere.

Other than that, let’s move onto the interesting part of this blog post!

Digital Art

First thing’s first: digital art. I am still practising (and hopefully improving) and am still thinking about how to simplify/stylize my art, but I’ve only gotten back to it recently so this’ll take a little while longer. The above took quite a while since I had to touch and re-touch things and guess-check-improve my way forward but it was a great learning experience. The right image is a little old but meh, close enough.

I’ve completely set up my Clip Studio Paint workspace and shortcuts and have come to understand the tools for the most part (although I’ll still have to practice and play for a little while longer).

I’m also thinking about whether or not I should use my Adobe creative suite together with Clip Studio Paint somehow, but I’m still a little unsure about it. Haven’t really set up shortcuts and such in my Adobe programs either.

Finally, I’ll have to draw some SD character for…

Video Editing

Video-recording Software (OBS Studio) – Check

Video-editing Software (Corel Video Studio) – Check.

Voice/Audio-recording Software (Audacity) – Check.

Text-to-Speech Software (Bouyomi-chan + Balabolka) – Check

Audio Hardware (Microphone arm + Microphone + Pop filter) – Halfway there.

Background Music (Youtube Audio Library + Niconico Commons) – Check

Sound Effects (Youtube Audio Library + Niconico Commons) – Search and download as necessary.

I played with Corel Video Studio a little since I didn’t want to set up my computer for digital art at the hotel so yeah…

Video editing is fun but difficult as hell and time-consuming to boot. Luckily there are tutorials which are quite easy to follow. My repertoire is slowly but steadily expanding, but…

Audio Material

I looked up royalty-free copyright-free songs that I liked which…took a while. A tonne of them were classical songs which I didn’t know the names of and it was hell. Luckily they were all popular so I was saved. It took two or three days (if I exclude which only lets you download 5 songs a day which is another several days to that list) but that wasn’t the hard part…

Then I went through the ENTIRE Youtube Audio Library which took a good two/three days to listen to and download BGMs. It was so damn mind-numbingly painful.

After that was Niconico commons, mostly for certain memes, which also took roughly two days but wasn’t even half as mind-numbing so that was great…the things that must be done to make videos…

So Next Up is…

  • Practice Digital Art
  • Practice Video-editing
  • Design and Draw SD Characters
  • Plan out Video-making
  • Make Videos

Hopefully, I’ll be done with the first four parts by the end of this year but we’ll see what happens.

Anywho, that’s all for now and I’ll see you guys whenever I see you guys again. Take care!

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