Daily Update -5(Probably): SD Characters and Video-editing

So yeah…been busy 😀

Illustration Style

I’ve decided to stick with a realistic head since…it can be done with enough practice and this is a sort of continuous challenge for myself.

The background is a Free CPS Image Material Asset:

우주밤하늘by정현식 (No, I can’t read Korean :P)

I’ve just played with the twist filter a bit to modify it.

SD Characters

This should be fairly easy to do. I just need to have a template character, separate the limbs and head from the torso,  and then just add details, although I’ll need to make tonnes of variations.


Right after determining my SD character template I’ll be moving onto learning about video-editing. This’ll be…fun?

Next Step

SD Characters!

A little short today but I don’t have much to say other than this, and I’m a bit sick as well. Anywho, thanks for reading and see you guys next time!

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