Daily Update -5(?): Best of Both Worlds

So, it’s been a while!


…My sleep schedule is now basically 01:00 freedom time…yeah…

Light and Shadow

So, I’ve been practising things like ambient light and occlusion and have it all memorised, which is great, but…


I can’t say that I like using line art for contrast. It stands out way too much and is a constant reminder that I haven’t added enough colour near the edges since the colours tend to bleed out onto other parts of the body (F) which is why…

The Best of Both Worlds

To have both contrast and ease of colouring. I. Raked. My. Brain. The result? I’ve found a solution! Vive la navel-gazing Mes Amis! It took a long time because:

  1. I’m slow.
  2. There are no tutorials for this (because the illustrators on Youtube are actually talented and have worked for it whereas I’m just a weirdo).
  3. I cannot plan things in my head when it comes to art. Stories and events, yes. Images, no. I have to be at a computer (to go through trial-and-error) or at least have a pen and paper (to plan the method).
  4. Trial-and-error.

And I thought it was impossible. The method? Basically what I did with my all-out practice illustration. Split up the parts, BUT:

  1. Copy-paste instead of cut-paste which allows me to…
  2. Clip the copy-pasted part on top of the body where I can pretty much apply a ‘mask’ to add contrast when and how I like. If I don’t need it, I’ll just deselect and work as normal. This one damn trick and I could’ve had it all…

Splitting up the body parts does take a bit of time and work, but it’s sure as hell worth it to have that clean contrast without the need for line art.

Mm…that sweet, clean contrast…the featured image was a rushed job but I’m satisfied with the potential contrast I can get out of this method (around the arms and legs).

Next Step

Practice and then video-editing…yeah…not much has changed.

Anywho, thanks for reading and I’ll see you guys next time!


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