Daily Update -3: Ambient Occlusion

So…it’s been a while 😛


I’ll be working on Th, Fri, Sa this week and for the next two weeks as well and during that time, practising my illustrations will be limited, and so will my sleep (3.5 hours of sleep a day is…it’s rough). Blogging during these days will also probably be difficult and pointless…

Ambient Occlusion and Light

Just watched what I would call a great and free lecture on ambient occlusion and light by a Youtube artist called Marco Bucci since…I still wasn’t satisfied with lighting and shadow in my own illustration and BOY have I learned quite a bit. I was having quite a bit of difficulty with depth and shadow and now…now I have the knowledge to progress!

Next Step

Practice, as always, and once I’m done I’ll move onto video editing. But until then, practice.

Anywho, thanks for reading, and I’ll see you guys tomorrow.


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