Daily Update: Illustration Schedule and Speed

So, since it’s gonna be a little hectic for me from now on with my part-time job and my move to America, my upload schedule is probably going to be weird thanks to lack of sleep from cramming as much time into drawing as possible. Yay 😀

Illustration Schedule

As mentioned above, I won’t really be able to post consistently as I’m probably going to be too tired to draw anything, have no time to, or make so little progress that it really isn’t worth posting, so I’d like to apologise in advance.

Illustration Speed

Ever see those high-quality quickly-drawn images on Youtube? I need to be able to do that lol. I timed my newer drawing, and after deciding on a pose and model (it takes a while so I’m not going to count that), the skin took 1.5 hours but that included quite a bit of fumbling. With enough practice, I should be able to bring it down to somewhere under an hour when doing both the body and head.

Illustration Changes

In my previous illustration, I’d split the body into different parts, and it made painting extremely difficult and inconsistent. However, by not splitting the body parts up, trying to add in contrast while using a soft brush is hell. THE EDGES AREN’T SHARP ENOUGH AaAaAaAagh! So it’s either use sharp brushes and a soft eraser (which I don’t like because this method throws me off and I’m not good with stable drawing) or stick with splitting up the body parts and having a hell of a time matching the colour while contrast work is easy as hell…I’ll pick the former I guess?

After trying…

Hell no. It’s way too easy to make a mistake and I’d have to use a soft eraser on one side, and a hard eraser on the other side if I screw up (which I always do).

Line Art

Ah, the easy way out. To be honest, I’d more or less been using this in some form, such as clipping and the selection tool, which pretty much functioned as line art with masking tape but I didn’t really want to use line art until I could draw without it…well now that I know I can, I’ll just be doing a 180 now 😀 to an extent. I don’t want to split up the body parts but at the same time, I want an easy and consistent way to add contrast to the edges of the illustration, so line art which matches the surrounding colour is the way to go for now. I have to use line art to fix up issues with the 3D model’s joints anyway so I might as well, right? It isn’t really noticeable if I do it right anyway so…

Next Step

More practice, and after I’m confident with the speed and quality of my illustrations, I’ll move onto video-editing. But with my new work schedule (yay), who knows when that’ll happen.

Anywho, thanks for reading! I’ll see you guys whenever I see you guys. See ya!


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