Daily Update -2: 3D Assets and My Schedule

So, it’s been two days! How have you guys been?

3D Asset Accumulation

I’m almost done with downloading 3D assets, with one site left to go. I’ll be using Free3D, Turbosquid, and CGTrader as my sources and will be downloading assets on an as necessary basis after this. Turbosquid is almost done, although the site is seemingly having some issues so I won’t be able to finish it off until sometime later, there’s only a handful of assets I want to download left. I may drop Free3D though since I haven’t been able to find a way to search through the items they have from newest to oldest, which is a shame.

Clip Studio Paint EX and LT Conversion

When I first bought CSP Pro, I didn’t think I’d need EX and was unsure of how it Pro compared to Photoshop, so I wanted to try it out. Do I regret it? No. In hindsight, would it have been objectively better to get EX? Yes. I’ll probably be getting it soon because LT Conversion would make life so much easier!

Clip Studio Paint’s Glitch/3D Anaglyph Effect

Although I was mostly just mindlessly downloading 3D assets or working for the past few days, I did learn something! Not as intuitive or as easy as doing it in Photoshop, but the 3D effect can be done!

  1. Get your image on a layer.
  2. Duplicate it.
  3. Turn the duplicate B&W on layer properties (monochrome).
  4. Duplicate the B&W image twice.
  5. Change both of their blending options to screen/lighten. Either one will do.
  6. For the first duplicate, go to Edit > Tonal Correction > Level Correction and bring the white arrow on the right all the way to the left on the Red and Green colours.
  7. Repeat the above steps for the other duplicate, lowering the Blue and Green colours instead.
  8. Use the move tool and move the image slightly to the right for one of them, and the left for the other.
  9. Voila, your glitch effect!

Also, my eyes! The 3D effect bothers me so badly lol.

To the U.S. of America!

Due to family matters, I’ll be moving from Australia to somewhere in North Carolina! Yay! So now I’m on a strict deadline to be able to draw and make videos by October. The stress! But I’ll do my best.

Next Step(s)

Almost done with downloading 3D assets, so once I’m done I’ll practice drawing and video-making like crazy!

Anywho, thanks for reading! I’ll see you guys either tomorrow or the day after (I have work tomorrow), c’ya!

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