Daily Update -1: CSP Extras

So…about yesterday…work.

Ongoing 3D Asset Accumulation

After I’d gotten home, I just went back to downloading more 3D assets. No, I’m not done yet, and after one website, I have to look around in the next one. It’s coming along nicely though.

Clip Studio Paint’s Goodies (Functions)

I’ve been aware of most of these functions since before I’d bought the program, but I decided to look into them after putting them off for the longest time lol.


A beautiful function with several different digital rulers and a lot of flexibility. Just make sure to turn on snap to ruler/special ruler and you’re good to go. Then Ctrl + Click if you want to move that ruler around. Also, the perspective ruler is a must when drawing backgrounds *urge to start drawing intensifies*.

Perspective Grids

So, this can be turned on/off in the perspective ruler’s tool property tab and it’s just as useful as the perspective ruler, giving the user a general idea of what their illustration looks like in a 3D space. The grids also line up with the ruler. GJ CSP.

Correction Painting (Transparent paint)

I had no idea this was a thing. There was a transparent box below the main and sub-colour boxes, but I had no idea what it was for. Transparent painting, damn beautiful.

Correction Layers (Create new correction layer)

I honestly thought that only photoshop had this, but I was very, very wrong. CSP you beautiful thing, I may not have to play the import/export game after all.

File Object Conversion.

I’d seen this before buying CSP, but totally forgot about it until this morning. The ability to save objects, import them, and modify the object which overwrites all other old instances of the object in your other CSP files (maybe it’s just open files, who knows?). How the hell?

Blend/Blur/Finger Tools

Not really one of the CSP goodies, but I didn’t really use it much and decided to play with it a little today (and the result is my featured image for today).

Drawing Backgrounds and Aerial/Atmospheric Perspective

I would’ve avoided this if I could, but I can’t so I won’t. In fact, I’m a little interested now. I’d forgotten about it, but while looking through how to do background videos, I stumbled upon a random Youtuber who brought up the atmospheric perspective. I’ll be incorporating into my backgrounds where I can when I start drawing again.

Next Step

3D Asset Download Galore…

Anywho, I may or may not see you guys tomorrow since I have work and also don’t have much to say while I’m gathering assets. Anywho, see you guys when I do.

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