Daily Update: Halfway there

So! I’m pretty much done with the body part of the illustration (I did fix up some things after exporting it so yeah…)

The Head

I swear, this was harder than anything else so far…

The Eyes

Drawing the eyes is difficult and shall always be difficult for me…but there’s nothing that can’t be fixed with the power of free transform etc. on my side! I also need to study the types of eyes from now on.

The Lips

Hahaha, this was an absolute pain in the asterisk. I’ve never actually drawn realistic lips properly before because…I dunno, simplified lips looked nice enough. BUT! I did have a look around on Youtube and I can do a fairly decent job now.

The Hair

Admittedly, I did half-ass this a bit since I wanted to see the end drawing. It was pretty bad at first, and then it got better, because…

The Face

I mean the structure of the face. I still have quite a bit of work to do before I can sculpt the face into something I like using colour (without references). This is definitely because I jumped into art before fully understanding lighting and shapes. Oh well, my entire life has been a trial-and-error, and this isn’t really any different.

Next Step

THE CLOTHES. Oh boy, this is gonna be a (somewhat fun) doozy.

ANYWHO! Thanks for reading, and I’ll see you guys tomorrow.

P.S. Didn’t think I’d make enough progress to post anything today lol.

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