Daily Update: Illustrator’s Block?


Illustrator’s Block

Had a bit of a block today while figuring out how to go about doing the face. The nose was a little difficult but took a lot less time when compared to the eyes. Had quite a bit of trouble with depth and it did take a while to work out. For the eyes, I had to screw around with brush settings and trial-and-error several styles before finally settling on one. Funny thing by the way…

Required Layers

The skin requires only 7 layers overall:

  1. Dark Skin Base
  2. Brighter Skin Tone
  3. Flesh Tone
  4. Bright Skin Tone
  5. Shadow Tone
  6. Light Skin Tone
  7. Highlights

The eyes require roughly 16 lol. The hell?

Another Style

Challenging myself is fun and all, and a good experience to boot, but this takes way too long. If I get some more practice in, I might be able to finish something like this more quickly, but I need to seriously consider a simpler style.

Next Step(s)

Finishing this illustration and then playing with style simplification…again lol.

Anywho, thanks for reading! I’ll see you guys tomorrow.

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