Daily Update: Done…?

So, you know how I said that I was done with my most recent drawing? Well, about that…

Playing with the face

There are two issues I’m currently struggling with:

  1. Colouring (specifically depth and contrast)
  2. Facial Features

After publishing my post, I went back to play (using free transform like the lazy person I am) around with different facial features and it worked out pretty well. Eye size can be adjusted to the size I want it to be, noses are a little more restricted, and lips can also be adjusted but I’ll need more practice.

Left is the modified one, right is yesterday’s post.

I’d also found another issue…

Layer Folders

Now, I didn’t know this. I’d thought that the layer folders were just for organizing layers into neat little groups…but I was wrong. The layer folders also have blending options, and they will nullify other blending options you may have on the layers inside the folder. Ya’ learn somethin’ new every day. F. Most of the illustration was fine, but when I ungrouped the ‘nose’ folder, it was weird as hell. Took a few minutes to fix up, but it turned out fine.

Models and Body Types

Spent a bit of time downloading a tonne of models since the diversity of body types is a big help. The less guesswork I have to put in, the better.

Next Step

Practice, practice, practice! I’ll try to draw faster while keeping the same quality.

Anywho, thanks for reading! I’ll see you guys tomorrow.

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