Daily Update: Improving

So, I’m finally done with this round of trial-and-error!


Hardly did anything with the clothing apart from just adding a tiny bit of shade here and there.


The 3D models on CSP are quite flexible but they aren’t perfect. I’ll have to refer to poses and such from different sources when it isn’t adequate enough.


The head is the only part of the 3D model that isn’t adequate whatsoever apart from shrinking it at a ratio to the body. The shape of the face, facial features etc. aren’t customizable, which is a bit of a shame. I’ll have to use other sources (probably PSO2) for this.


I haven’t gotten completely used to drawing the eyes in my own style yet, but it doesn’t look too bad. I thought it would stand out way too much, which at first it did, but after a bit of work, it does look pretty natural


Lips are quite difficult since you have to work on texture, colour, light, and shadow to get it right (which I’ve probably failed at but meh). It requires a tonne of anatomical understanding about the lips as well as the area around it and it was a pain.


The nose was difficult in that adding depth is still a bit difficult for me, although I have gotten better. Using solid colour and then erasing it with a soft edge works quite well, although it does throw me off when I use this method. I tend to prefer methods that don’t require too many steps, but if it works, and if it’s necessary, then so be it. I did rush the nose a bit as well. Sorry for the poor quality.


I rushed this just like how I rushed the nose, so my apologies. This is probably on the same level as the lips when it comes to difficulty. A good understanding of the ear’s anatomy is a must to get it right.


Hair is something I’ve practised on a tonne before even starting to practice on colouring and anatomy, so I didn’t have too much trouble…apart from using a watercolour brush. F. Well, the issue is two-fold:

  1. I made the brush too big. This was fixable though.
  2. Consistency. Watercolour brushes tend to be transparent if you don’t push down hard enough on the pen, and if you don’t set it up properly the amount of pressure needed is really difficult to identify.

I was able to use it at the end, so alls well that ends well.

Overall Style

Am I satisfied with the rather realistic semi-realistic style? Mmm…sort of, but no. I do like realistic-looking (to an extent) clothing and skin without the use of line-art, but the face is still a bit unsatisfactory (although this may just be because I just worked on top of the 3D model’s head). I wanna try playing around with the head a bit before moving on.

Next Step

Playing with the head and face until I’m satisfied! I’ll also try to be more aggressive with my colours and brushes (hard brushes)

Anywho, thanks for reading! I’ll see you guys tomorrow.

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