Daily Update: Quite a bit of progress

So, there has been quite a bit of progress today.

Mix and Match

I only mixed my two methods a bit, but it has turned out quite well. By using the magic wand tool on the models, I get a basic understanding of where the highlights and shadows are and it makes the drawing process extremely easy. After plotting out the colours, I use my newer method (base skin shade first, and then work on top) and it turns out pretty well.

Clip Studio Paint: 3D Models

Well whaddayaknow, ya’ learn somethin’ new every day. I had a question about the lighting option on the model which had been bugging me for a long time: there are two light sources, so how the hell do I use the second one? I looked around online and found out how to, and after snooping around the 3D model settings, I’ve also found out how to turn off the texture (grid lines etc.) on the model…I’m so damn happy! The drawing process will be much easier thanks to this.

Huion: New Driver

So I used a Huion Display Tablet (GT220 V2) and I had no idea that a new driver had come out (I haven’t touched the software for a very long time). Just found out today. Downloaded it while wondering if it would improve the accuracy: IT DID. It’s still off by a bit but hey, I’ll take every mm I can get. Chances are I’ve just done a bad job at calibrating it though…


From left to right, up-down. I think my style has improved quite a bit. Looking back at the first try, I don’t think it was all that bad, but I mostly just needed to figure out a step-by-step drawing method which was quick and consistent so not all that much has changed. The process is still very similar. In the last one, I still haven’t used the magic wand method yet and I plan to test it extensively tomorrow.

Next Step

Just testing out the wand method and working my way towards colouring the head. Once I’m done with that, I’ll begin work on the skirt and then the head I guess.

Anywho, thanks for reading! I’ll see you guys tomorrow. And sorry for the late post 😛

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