Daily Update: Back to Skin

So, I’m alive and well…is what I would say if I weren’t lacking so much sleep. HaAaAaAagh. Without further ado, today’s progress!

Clothes and Folds

This isn’t so much today’s progress as it was yesterday’s progress. I played around with another watercolour brush and the results were pretty great, but I do still use the oil brush for larger areas as well as gradients. The watercolour brushes do really well with folds and material.

Skin Colouring

I got a little lazy and a little too curious so I tried a simpler method of colouring skin…and it turned out better than expected. Hell, it’s probably better than the first try! I used pretty much all the techniques I’d learned previously, except this time I started with a darker shade of the skin and worked on top of that layer. As you can see, I really only did the arms because I wanted to see the results ASAP. The newer style (right) looks much rounder, softer, and natural. The only possible downside (although I haven’t tested it yet even though I really should) is using the selection tools and the 3D model with this style to plan the areas of highlight and shadow etc. I will try to combine the best of both worlds if possible.


Next Step

As stated above, just working on a new skin colouring style.

Anywho, thanks for reading and I’ll see you guys tomorrow!

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