Daily Update: Sorting Out Brushes

So, not all that much progress today (there was a little bit, but again, not much).

Sorting Out Ma’ Assets

I didn’t know this, but CPS doesn’t sort out the materials you’ve downloaded for you. They all go into the ‘downloaded’ folder, and then you have to sort them out yourself…Ha!? So I did so, including my brushes.

Sorting Out Ma’ Brushes

Everything else was fairly easy, but the brushes weren’t. There were the normal brushes, and then the decorative brushes, and sorting them out was a pain. I did manage to sort them out though, and I’ve picked out a few normal brushes that I liked/thought would be useful and am currently testing them before moving onto drawing clothes.

Drawing Style

I was in a bit of a conundrum as I STILL didn’t know what my style would be like or if it would even work, so I did a few drafts and looked at several reference images with a similar style. My conclusion: It SHOULD be okay (I hope) if I put in a little more work than if I were to fall back on a simple traditional J-art style. Now, all that’s left is trial-and-error.

Drawing Clothes

Same issue as last time with folds and shading and such. I’ll try applying solid colours to where the folds should be without much regard to shadow and then work in from there. That’s probably the best option for me right now. I’ll also be using a watercolour brush for clothes (I usually use an oil paint-type brush) which has that nice fading effect with varying pressure while still maintaining sharpness on the sides (should you choose the highest hardness option).

And that’s all for today! Thanks for reading, and I’ll see you guys tomorrow!

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