Daily Update: General Colouring

Sooo, this time around it was much easier and much quicker to sort out the skin colour with some knowledge under my belt (I mean, it still took roughly 2-3 hours because I’m still testing some things, but it’s much faster than before).

Colouring skin

I have to use roughly 6 different colours, including 3 multiply layers to get this result, which is useful knowledge. I hypothesised that I would have to use several different colours to get a natural skin tone/shadow through my last drawing but I didn’t really get to test it much until now: yeah, I have to. A flesh tone (along with the skin tones, highlights, and shadows) is an absolute necessity or else it just looks…dull.

Separating body parts

Tested the selection tools as well, since I’ll have to split up the limbs etc. to make colouring easier. Just took a few minutes since it’s quite different to photoshop, but it isn’t difficult to learn.

Playing with the models

So, the 3D models are apparently difficult to use: not really. Just select the highlighted parts of the body next to joints and voila, IT MOVES! I did play with it some more since last time since I was rushing to start developing my own style, and I may be able to rely on the model for the most part, with exception to the head, breasts, buttocks, shoulder muscles etc. However, I can use PSO2’s character creation system to work on those parts.

Do I consider myself an illustrator?

No. I cheat by using 3D models so no lol. Honestly, a tonne of respect for actual artists/illustrators.

Anywho, thanks for reading! See you tomorrow.

P.S. Yay, new blogging format! It looks so clean and organised, and feels great!

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