Daily Update 2 (!?): Compare and Contrast

So, I usually don’t do this sort of thing (probably my first time since testing the website), but I decided to go rummaging through some Youtube videos on how to colour skin – I regret not doing it earlier, but hey, this always happens and there are some things I would’ve only been able to learn through practice. Alls well that ends well.

Contrasting Time

For my handful of followers, I’d just like an opinion on which is better:

The image on the left is the updated version, and the right is the one I’d uploaded earlier on in the day. I’ve added extra highlights, dark blue shading (tbh, I can’t really tell that there’s blue lol), as well as more and deeper flesh tones. Personally, it really does stand out more, and looks much more…alive (not gonna argue with professional advice).

Anywho, thanks for reading the second update, and I’ll see you guys tomorrow (probably).

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