Daily Update: Style Simplification

So, this’ll take a while, but I’ll be trying to figure out a simpler style to produce illustrations quicker OR identify a step-by-step formula to streamline the drawing process as much as possible (or both lol). The first few steps are simple enough:

  1.  Using Clip Studio Paint, pick a 3D model and set up a pose.
  2.  Identify the skin tone, highlights, and shadows.
  3.  This is only to be used as a guide, not as a template (unlike my avatar, which I later had to modify). This is to avoid the potential for inaccuracy and guesswork involved with foreshortening when drawing.

Why is the model female? That’s a secret for now! 😀 Anywho, thanks for reading, and I’ll continue posting updates when possible. I’m looking forward to the day when I can finally start making videos!

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