Daily Update: Almost Done

Early post! I get the feeling this breaks the rule of consistency…but then again, I post at fairly random times in the first place so…oh well!

So, a few things going on now that I’m almost done.

Holidays: I have roughly a week’s worth of holidays until I get back to work…yay?

Digital Art: I’m almost done with the illustration portrait thingy-ma-bob (still have to draw ma’ damn glasses!) so I may start recording some gameplay soon, although I still have to learn how to edit videos first.

Gaming: I won’t be recording PSO2 because…BAN (you’re technically not supposed to be playing it if you live outside of Japan. I don’t think they care much, but I like to play it safe when and where I can. I’ve heard of a few instances of people playing from outside of Japan being banned as well so…). I won’t be recording my smartphone games either because of storage space and the fact that it’ll probably be pretty taxing on my phone. I will probably start uploading screenshots/posts though. As for PC games, as stated above, I’ll be recording, not streaming…for now.

Literature: Yeah…I’ll get back to this once I finish learning how to drawing images to accompany said writing.

Japanese: I plan to do something with this but…we’ll see 😀

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