Daily Update -1: Progress and Update Time

So, what I'd gotten up to yesterday and changes in when I'll be posting from now on. Progress So my average speed at getting a piece done right now will be 2-3 days for the body (taking into account how I don't spend the ENTIRE focusing on illustrations). It's turned out pretty well so far.… Continue reading Daily Update -1: Progress and Update Time

Daily Update: In all seriousness…

So, about that image yesterday. Although I did half-ass it, I do like the pose and I did learn quite a few things. Thus! All-out The illustration this time is a serious challenge for myself and I will be utilizing all my newly-learned skills, my new drawing process, references, whatever I can to make this… Continue reading Daily Update: In all seriousness…

Daily Update: Getting the hang of the process.

So, I did have some practice after yesterday's post. The image above is pretty much it...the result of me being lazy, but still wanting to get some practice in with the process of going through an illustration. Layer Folders and Layer Clipping I swear, understanding this is so damn useful when doing digital art. You… Continue reading Daily Update: Getting the hang of the process.

Daily Update: Improving

So, I'm finally done with this round of trial-and-error! Clothing Hardly did anything with the clothing apart from just adding a tiny bit of shade here and there. Body The 3D models on CSP are quite flexible but they aren't perfect. I'll have to refer to poses and such from different sources when it isn't… Continue reading Daily Update: Improving