Daily Update – The illustration

So, today has been sort of productive. Did all my dailies like the good albeit mediocre Captain/Guardian I am and got to work on my illustration riiight after doing my laundry and shopping to stock up on energy drinks for next week. Part-time work, yaaeighaAaAagh. So I did try to draw in the eyes first, but since I still have no idea how I should go about drawing it, I just used the draft eyes and did the facial structure and nose first. I remember why I like J-art now: no matter which angle you draw the face from, it’s pretty much always aesthetically pleasing…and easier to draw. Must. Resist. Urge. To. Take. Easy. Way. OUT. Learned a bit more about lighting and shadow now, which is always great. Still don’t fully understand it but I’m getting there. Thanks for reading 😀

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