Solid copy, over! Aaand a status update.

SO! I’ve been busy these past few days learning how to draw a head at different angles and plan to add more art to the page (marketing guheheheh). I swear the tutorials I’ve seen were…pretty much no help and I struggled for several days (I’m going to take an educated guess: I was probably just too stupid to understand).

Also, The Quarry will be publishing issue 12 TOMORROW with my work somewhere on the site, as well as the works of some of my talented classmates. The works are not limited to prose and include poetry and scripts as well. The title of my piece is ‘Do You Copy, Over?’ and it’s basically a military-genre short story in a light novel format about how things go wrong after Grey Ghost Company, a PMC, have their comms jammed during a mission. You may have read the excerpt I posted quite a while back, and I will be publishing the full version at 12 pm tomorrow 23 November (GMT +11) regardless of whether issue 12 is up by then or not. I hope you guys enjoy reading it, and once I’m finally able to draw properly I might do some artwork for it. Enjoy your day!

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